Gear Chains

We specializing in the production of Agricultural Gearbox, PTO Shafts, Sprockets, Fluid Coupling, Worm Gear Reducers, Gears and racks, Roller Chains, Sheave and Pulleys, Planetary Gearboxes, Timing Pulleys, Shaft Collars and more.


More than 20 years experience in research and development.


Including around 50 R&D Personnel


Total factory is 50,000 square meters


Roller Gear Chain

Applicable:Machinery Repair Shops
Standard or Nonstandard:Standard
Type:Bucket Elevator Chain

Silent Tooth chain gear

Standard or Nonstandard:Standard
Type:Gear chain for transmission
Material:manganese steel

Drag gear chain

Applicable:Sewage treatment industry
Standard or Nonstandard:Standard


Roller Chain

Roller chain has two manufacturing ways. Those are riveted and cottered. Riveted chain is made utilizing short pins that go through each link from the side, and then are riveted to provide extra strength. Cottered chain is also secured on one side with a short pin, and then reinforced on the other side with a double-pronged, removable pin called a cotter.

gear chain system

Roller Chain Sprocket Gear Wheel

rotating shaft, when working both bear bending moment and bear torque, is the most common shaft in machinery, such as a variety of reducer in the shaft.

gear and chain drive

Chain Sprocket gear

Firstly, the idler gear will change the direction of rotation of the outputshaft. Secondly, an idler gear can assist to reduce the size of the input/output gears whilst maintainingthe spacing of the shafts.

gearbox chain belt

Transmmission wheel sprockets gear

3D Measure Instrument, CMM, Spectrum Analyzers, Electronic balance, Microscope, Altimeter , Calipers, Micrometer,etc.




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